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Nutrition And Dental Hygiene: What’s The Connection?

There is no denying the role that nutrition plays in maintaining dental hygiene. As taught in dental hygiene courses, proper dental hygiene goes beyond brushing and flossing – it is also related to our food choices. The food we eat daily, our eating habits, and the quality of our diet contribute immensely to the state of our teeth and general dental health. Many foods contain sugary and acidic compounds that progressively harm the teeth.  These

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A mobile dental clinic van, staffed by a professional with a dental hygienist diploma, parked in a community setting to provide oral health services.
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Transforming Dental Health: How Mobile Clinics Are Changing the Dental Hygienist Game

In dental hygiene, innovation and dedication often pave the way for extraordinary achievements. A shining example of such progress is the emergence of mobile dental hygienist clinics. This revolutionary approach brings dental care directly to those in need, breaking down traditional barriers to access oral health services.  Breaking Down Barriers to Dental Care For many Canadians, accessing dental care can be challenging due to mobility issues, busy schedules, or a deep-seated fear of dental procedures.

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3 Essential Communication Techniques for Students in Dental Hygienist Training

If you’re considering a dental hygienist career, it’s important to remember that your role will be front-facing. This means that you will be helping patients directly. You will assist dentists with examinations and procedures and perform cleanings and will also play a significant role in patient education and effective communication. After you’ve completed our rigorous 79-week dental hygienist diploma program, you will be fully prepared to perform the duties highlighted above. Remember to use these

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A Guide to CDHO Registration for Students in Restorative Dental Hygienist Training

Restorative dental hygiene is a great career path for professionals in the field seeking advancement. In this rewarding role, you’ll improve patients’ lives by fixing their smiles and oral health. Your duties include taking dental impressions for bridges and crowns, placing and removing dental restorations, adjusting restorations, and performing various orthodontic procedures. Our 22-week diploma program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for success in this career. All students admitted to this

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A man experiencing dental pain but is reluctant to visit a dental hygiene training graduate.
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In Dental Hygienist Training? Why Patients Avoid The Dentist

There’s been an encouraging recent shift in people’s attitudes towards their dental health and hygiene. Yet, it’s evident that much work remains to be done to shift the tide entirely. Whether recently graduated or seasoned, every dental professional has encountered patients reluctant to make that all-important appointment. Despite the emphasis on oral health, many people still skip out on regular dental check-ups. This aversion is often rooted in genuine concerns and fears.  As dental hygienists,

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What Is CDB? A Guide For Dental Hygienist Training Grads

How often have you witnessed someone you know foregoing needing dental attention because they cannot afford it? Perhaps you’ve struggled to access dental care yourself. According to Stats Canada, in 2018, 22.4% of Canadians reported avoiding dental work due to cost. It’s safe to assume that the economic struggles brought on by the global pandemic in 2020 could have affected that figure. Realizing that oral health is a crucial part of overall well-being, the government

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Taking Impressions After Restorative Dental Hygiene Training

Taking dental impressions is one of the most fundamental skills you’ll acquire during restorative dental hygiene training. This is important as taking dental impressions will probably be one of your most regular duties throughout your career. A dental impression is a snapshot of the patient’s dental anatomy and is instrumental in various treatments, from crowns and bridges to dentures and orthodontic appliances. Capturing an accurate impression is vital, as even a tiny error can lead

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Technological Advancements After Dental Hygienist Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the integration of new technology into healthcare. In many instances, what might have taken years to assess, instruct, and deploy has been condensed into mere weeks or even days.  While this influx of technology has undoubtedly affected the way dental healthcare practitioners do their jobs, it has also provided dentists with better tools to care for patients. It has often made their work more efficient, impactful, and safe.  Although

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Considering Intra Oral Dental Assistant Training? Explore These Rare Tooth Morphologies

Tooth morphologies refer to the different shapes and characteristics of teeth found in the human dentition. Each type of tooth morphology serves a specific function in the oral cavity, contributing to essential tasks such as biting, tearing, and grinding food during mastication. While the shape of teeth (i.e. tooth morphology) can differ significantly among individuals and ethnic groups, there are certain deviations from the norm that dentists need to identify. These variations include excessively large

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3 Career Paths to Explore After Dental Hygiene Training

Dental hygienists are essential in helping clients maintain oral health and prevent dental diseases. Typically, dental hygienists work in a dental centre providing preventive dental care, such as teeth cleaning, plaque, and tartar removal, and applying fluoride treatments, among other things.   Although most students go into a dental hygiene program thinking they will end up working alongside a dentist, there are many different career paths that dental hygiene graduates can take. The skills learned throughout

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