Considering Dental College? Learn 10 Fun Facts About Teeth


You might already know a lot of things about teeth, like the fact that there are approximately 32 of them in everyone’s mouth, or that you’ll get cavities if you don’t brush properly. But there’s much more to your chompers than meets the eye. Continue reading to find out ten things you probably never knew about teeth!

Tooth Enamel is the Hardest Part of Your Body

Underneath the enamel lies all of the connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve fibres that make up your teeth. So, if you’re wondering how toothaches are even possible with the protection of such a hard surface, it might interest you to know that the bacteria in your mouth can produce acid that wears out the enamel. And, once that acid finally reaches the nerves beneath the enamel, you’ll feel it.

Some Tumors Can Grow Teeth

One thing’s for sure – these are probably the only teeth you won’t have to clean if you become a dental hygienist! Teratoma (or germ cell) tumors can usually be found in the ovaries or testicles. And, because they are made up of tissues from several germ layers they can actually sometimes grow teeth, hair and bones.

Candy Is Better For Your Teeth than Dried Fruit

Dried fruit tends to stick to your teeth for longer periods of time than other foods. And the sugar it contains will feed bacteria and create acid that will eventually break down your enamel (and cause cavities). So, if you’re eating chocolate, or anything else that dissolves quickly, you’re less likely to get cavities – though someone with dental hygienist training would probably advise against consuming chocolate regularly!

Babies Can Be Born With Teeth

The teeth that some babies are born with are actually called “natal teeth” – and they are simply regular baby teeth that have grown several months earlier than usual. Though the exact cause of natal teeth is unknown, it’s fairly uncommon as only about one in every 2000 babies is born with them.

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Fluoride

Actually, there’s a condition called fluorosis that’s caused by ingesting too much fluoride when you’re younger than 8 years old. Fluorosis causes white spotting on the teeth, which eventually turn brown with time. And, too much fluoride can also make your teeth porous, which leaves them even more susceptible to cavities.

Your Braces Can Be Causing Cavities

This is probably something that a certified dental assistant has already told you: if you don’t brush your teeth thoroughly when you’re wearing braces, food and bacteria can get stuck around them. And, once your braces are removed, your teeth might not look as good as you’d hoped!

Everyone’s Teeth are Totally Unique

If you’ve ever watched television programs like CSI: (insert American city here), you may have noticed that forensic investigators tend to focus heavily on the teeth of the deceased. This is because teeth are just as unique as finger prints and people can often be identified via their dental records.

One Day, There Will Be No More Wisdom Teeth

If evolution is any indicator, wisdom teeth will one day become extinct. Because 35% of people are already born without them and most of us get them surgically removed, it’s quite clear that these teeth are not needed. According to scientists, future generations won’t even have wisdom teeth.

You Produce Enough Saliva to Fill a Few Swimming Pools

The average person produces over 25, 000 quarts of saliva in their lifetime! That is enough saliva to fill about two large swimming pools. The human body has tons of uses for saliva – the most common is that it helps soften and lubricate food so that it can be easily swallowed and digested. Saliva can also help fight against tooth decay!

Happy Love Your Teeth Day!

Each year on September 20, a holiday called “Love Your Teeth Day” is celebrated throughout China. This nationwide holiday encourages people to take care of their teeth and gums, and it also aims to promote oral health education.

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