Why CADH is the Best Choice for an Outstanding Education

The Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences has recently received some wonderful feedback from a previous student and wanted to share it with you! CADH had another intake on January 28th, 2013 for their Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Level II Program and would like to encourage you to visit our website to learn more: Past student Thao Lam shared her experience at CADH: a�?Great teachers care more about your success than you, because

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Collaboration Beyond the Dental Office After Dental College

Interprofessional Collaboration:A� In healthcare, working closely with various healthcare providers (e.g. dental, cardiovascular, orthopedic, massage therapy, and such) for the enhancement of patient/client care, so all client needs are addressed and monitored and the patient/client is seen a whole, instead of various combined components (a mouth, a heart, a hip, a muscle, and such).A� Discussion between professionals takes place to ensure quality care for the individual. Taken from the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene, author:

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Great Faculty, Great Graduates!

Recently, I read an article in Faculty Focus entitled a�?Students Place a Premium on Faculty Who Show They Carea�? by Maryellen Weimer that outlined students want faculty members that demonstrate caring; more specifically, they want faculty members that value their input, are available for consultation, and develop a connection not only with the class but with the students as individuals. This is definitely evident at CADH, and in fact, our mission statement clearly identifies students

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Advance Your Career With Level II Dental Assistant Training

Whether you want to further develop your skill set, earn a higher wage, or both, the Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Level II program at CADH is guaranteed to put a healthy smile on your face. Our level II program consists of a 42-week diploma program comprised of full-time, classroom, clinical, and laboratory instruction. To ensure a superior educational experience the CADH clinic houses 22 fully equipped and digitized radiographic dental operatories. Along with access to world

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CADH Faculty-The Professional Educators!

a�?Effective teaching is critical for student learning, especially in professional fields such as dentistry and dental hygiene. These professions are often taught by expert clinicians who, for the most part, have limited or no prior formal teaching training. In far too many professional programs like medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene, and nursing, effective teachers are produced by happenstance rather than design. The expert knowledge and technical skills of professionals are assumed to a�?serve as adequate qualificationsa�?

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New Year’s Resolutions-Are they really that healthy?

The origins of New Year’s resolutions dates backA�centuries ago to pre-Christian times when the Romans decided to make January the month where resolutions with a moral intention, (usually to be good to others), were announced.A� AlthoughA�the resolution itself A�took on various forms over the period, the intent was to essentially do away withA�the bad andA�look forward to the goodA�(for an interesting and complete article on the subjectA�see:� For the most part, the tradition of New

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CADH: An Experiential Learning Experience

CADH is committed to providing students with an education based on sound educational principles. As such, it integrates and employs multiple teaching/learning methods to ensure it addresses multiple learning styles. Further, since dental hygienists provide dental hygiene services to their clients, a large portion of the education is experiential in nature. Traditionally, dental hygiene students first engaged in laboratory simulation exercises and then went on to clinical sessions with clients within the educational facility as

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The Spirit of Giving

With Christmas just more than a week away, people all around the world are thinking about what to give their family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. a�?The spirit of givinga�? is a phrase that pops up around holidays like Christmas, but what does it actually entail? Most people celebrate the concepts of gift giving, volunteering, and being a good Samaritan as acts of prosocial altruism. Pop psychologya��s assertion that altruism is a great way to feel

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Oral Health Treatments to Note in Dental Assistant School

Even though the preventive treatments were initiated decades ago, these inventions are of great value when it comes to oral health care.A�A� Remember, prevention is of key importance for maintenance of oral health! Fluoridated Toothpaste a�� Fluoride containing toothpastes have been widely used for more than five decades and remain the most common intervention for the prevention of dental caries. Fluoride Mouth Rinses a�� Fluoride mouth rinses have been used extensively for the past 30

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The Importance of Dental Hygienists

Some statistics argue that by 2016 the demand for dental hygienists will have increased by 30 percent. With such a significantly growing demand, ita��s important to understand just why dental hygienists have become such sought after professionals. At the core of the issue is the changing philosophy of dental health from treatment to prevention. In a bygone era medicine had a less complete grasp on dental health, and people traditionally visited a dentist only when

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