E-Books: Great tool but are we all on the same “page”?

The advent of the internet, as we are all aware, has brought upon a generation of “virtual everything”-online shopping, online newspapers, online research to simply name a few. One online concept however,e-books, has certainly succeeded not only in “wowing” the virtual culture we now live in, but along with this surge forward, it has conversely created a need to pull back and re-evaluate this attempt at a “textbook revolution”. E-books yes, are the result of

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The Health Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene For Dental School Students

As reported by the National Post at, in a study led by Annlia Paganini-Hill, at the University of California, people who maintain good oral health with regular brushing may have a lower risk of developing dementia later in life. Researchers, who followed close to 5,500 elderly people over an 18-year period, found those who reported brushing their teeth less than once a day were up to 65% more likely to develop dementia than those

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7 Building Blocks to Great Oral Health After Dental Hygiene Courses

As a professional in the dental hygiene field, it is vital that you not only pass your knowledge and experience on to your clients, but that you also live as an example of the profession. Superior oral health will set your clienta��s mind at ease, boost your own confidence and performance, and serve as free advertising! But deciding what to eat while on a break or on the way to work can be spontaneous. Sometimes

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MOOCs- Progressive Online Education

Massive Open Online Courses John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems stated a�?the next big killer application on the internet is going to be education. Education over the internet is going to be so big it is going to make e-mail usage look like a rounding error” (The Online Community for eLearning in Ottawa, n.d.). Jack Messman of Pricewaterhouse Cooper believes that online learning will become the most cost-effective method of educating the worlda��s workforce (The

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CADH students go for gold!!!

Watching the Olympics is so inspiring! The look of absolute focus on the faces of the athletes and the understanding that it took years of hard work, training and sacrifice to get to this point, is so impressive. We can all take lessons from the Olympics. Athletes are experts in delayed gratification, the ability to delay suiting yourself to serve a greater purpose. Anyone who has committed to a personal or professional goal knows how

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CADH Clinic a Great Alternative for Dental Care

Before you consider options like vacationing in Costa Rica to have dental work done, consider The Canadian Academy of Dental Health & Community Sciences (CADH) as an inexpensive and hassle free alternative.A� The CADH clinic is a remarkably affordable high quality option for anyone requiring basic dental care. The CADH clinic is student run and offers a variety of basic hygienic and protective services including: Teeth cleaning Oral cancer screening Periodontal and dental exam X-rays

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Goal-Setting Guidelines!

Why is personal goal setting such an important ingredient in personal time management? From the time management perspective, your life is a sequence of big and small choices and decisions. It is those choices that you really manage, not the flow of time. Personal goal setting is the wisdom that comes out of a lot of practical experience to help you direct your conscious and subconscious decisions towards success, building up your motivation to achieve

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Multiple Choice Testing-Friend or Foe?

Students often struggle with multiple-choice tests. This doesna��t have to be the case. Better performance is possible if you use these simple techniques: Arrive early so you are not in a panic! Wear comfortable clothes Bring a bottle of water (if you are allowed to!) Read the entire test before answering any questions so you know what the content is and you can be thinking through the questions as you work through the test Do

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Effective Teaching and Learning

What type of learner is effective? There is consensus that the active learner is a successful learner; learning from examples and by doing leads to deeper understanding; learning with understanding is more desirable than rote learning; and, the social structure of learning is desirable (Anderson, Reder, and Simon, as cited in Driscoll, 2005). This concept is reflective of the constructivist framework. Constructivists believe that learning is an individual process and based on onea��s own reality

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Decisions, decisions!!

Thinking of going back to school? Wondering how to decide where to study? Overwhelmed by the many options available to you? Wondering whether you should attend a private college, community college or university? A big decision like going back to school should have your full attention. Here are a few ideas to set you on the path to a decision that supports your career success: a�? Visit different schools and ask the same questions a��

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