In Dental College? What to Know About Digital Radiology

The information below was taken from the following websites: Digital radiology may represent the greatest technological advancement in medical imaging over the last decade. The use of radiographic films in x ray imaging might become obsolete in a few years. An appropriate analogy that is easy to understand is the replacement of typical film cameras with digital cameras. Images can be immediately acquired, deleted, modified, and subsequently sent to a network of computers.

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Why Choose Level 2Intra-Oral Dental Assisting as a Career?

Choosing a career in Level 2 Intra-Oral Dental Assisting can be a rewarding choice! Not only does it require interpersonal skills with clients but the interaction with dentists is beneficial as well. Many people forget though that the choice of what program you take in post-secondary school can be as important as the facility and school you study at. CADH is the perfect blend of exceptional curriculum and outstanding facility. The programs offered at CADH

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Virtual Worlds in Healthcare Education

The following are excerpts takenA� from a paper I wrote entitled a�?The Use of Virtual Worlds in Health Educationa�? in April 2010. The paper explored the theme of virtual worlds (VWs) and their use in health education.A� In 1999, the US Institute of Medicine reported an estimated 44,000 to 98,000 deaths occurred as a result of medical error (as cited in McConnell & Pardy, 2008). These authors emphasize that the healthcare industry is one in

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Want a Dental Hygienist Career? Explore Industry Progress

“Effective coaching depends on setting aside status and making the matter at hand – improved teaching – the only concern. … Belief relies on trust and trust, of course, involves a willing vulnerability, an exposure of self to criticism. It is an inherently intimate relationship not everyone is willing to embrace. So, coaching, properly understood and executed, is not the repellant surrender of identity I’d long associated with athletics, not the shouting, cretinous commands of

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Discover How CADH is Taking the Lead in Preparing Dental Hygiene School Grads for a Successful Career

As taken from Wilder, R.S. et al, 2008, a�?the goal of interprofessional education (IPE) is to bring various professional groups together in the educational enviA�ronment to promote collaborative practice and improve the health care of patients. Interest in IPE has been sparked by several factors in the health care system, including the increased awareness of oral-systemic connections, an aging population, the shift of the burden of illness from acute to chronic care, and lack of

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Fun Facts About Colour Therapy!

The management of CADHA�is alwaysA�searching for helpful and healthy ways of improving all aspects ofA�the lives of our employees as well as the student body.A�Maintaining good health and a positive outlookA�for the duration of A�the programs offerred at CADH, whether the program isA�the Intra-Oral Dental Assistant or theA�Accredited Dental Hygiene program, optimum health is the key to success!A�As most of us are aware, colors play an important and fundamental role in many aspects of our

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CADH Students Study from Class Notes

As we start a new academic level at CADH, it is important to revisit study strategies to ensure successful outcomes.A� Below is an excerpt taken from that will help students when organizing themselves and class notes for success. Teachers often emphasize the information they provide in class lectures when they design tests. This means that your class notes are a vital resource when studying for a test. It is important that your class notes

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Dental Hygienist Makes CareerCast’s Top 10 Best Jobs List

Just recently, Globe and Mail published CareerCast’s list of The best jobs, and the worst that was a result of an annual analysis of 200 U.S. jobs.A� What were the findings? Working at a computer and being a computer geek was better than being a person that worked outdoors. While the findings might be a little surprising, how they derived the final results certainly made sense as the final results were based on more than

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Stress Busters for Managing Stress during Exam Time for CADHa��s Students

The Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences, a division of the Canadian Academy of Dental Hygienea��s (CADH) students are going into exam time! For a student facing exam time, having some techniques to implement for stress busters can go a long way to alleviate the tension and prepare you to pass those exams that you are facing. A�Facing exam time can be one of the most stressful times for students, but it doesn’t

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accredited dental hygiene schoo

Student Success Story at CADH!

As time went on in the program, I met the best lifetime friends I could ever imagine. We helped each other through all the hard times and celebrated our achievements. The course had proven to be very intense, fast-paced and condensed. If it wasna��t for the support of my peers and the great friends I have made at this college, it would have been very difficult to make it through. The curriculum is tough but

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