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During Your Dental Hygiene Career, Learn About Your Patient’s Diet & How It Impacts Their Teeth

Over time, even those who brush regularly may notice that their teeth aren’t as pearly white as they used to be—and worse, that they may be turning yellowish in colour or developing darker spots in certain places. This can be an upsetting change, causing some people to become self-conscious about their smile.  In a career as a dental hygienist, you’re likely to encounter many patients complaining of tooth discolouration or yellowing of their teeth. In

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Certified dental assistant

Establish How to Manage Moisture in Dental Assisting Training

Saliva has a variety of key functions in our mouths. It helps us to taste and digest our foods, keeps our mouths comfortable, fights germs, and helps to prevent bad breath. Saliva can, however, become an inconvenience during dental procedures, as an excess of moisture can make it difficult for dentists to conduct routine procedures such as teeth cleaning, root canals, and composite and amalgam fillings for cavities. During these kinds of procedures, dentists need

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Dental assistant careers

Introduction to PPE for Dental Assistant Students

While the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity of access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those in healthcare professions, PPE has always been an important component of care in all healthcare professions. Personal protective equipment is the protective clothing and equipment worn by healthcare professionals in order to prevent the spread of disease or infection. It’s worn to keep both healthcare providers and their patients safe.  For dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants alike,

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dental hygiene courses
Dental Hygiene Courses

In Dental Hygienist School? Be Sure to Tell Future Clients to Look for Healthy Gums

One quick look at our teeth can tell us a lot about our oral health. While going to the dentist twice a year is important, it’s not always enough to detect signs of dental problems before they get worse. As a dental hygienist, part of your job revolves around instructing clients on how to care for their teeth, and part of their home care routine should involve checking for signs of trouble in their mouths.

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Dental Assistant
dental assistant

Interested in Being a Dental Assistant? Discover the History of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an everyday product, used daily by people from around the world in an effort to maintain their dental hygiene. There are countless varieties to choose from—toothpaste meant to whiten teeth, protect enamel, treat gum disease, and the list goes on. But toothpaste wasn’t always this accessible, or even pleasant, to use. In fact, early forms of toothpaste were harsh and rudimentary.  If you’re considering a career in this field, then you might want

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Become A Dental Assistant
dental assistant

Interested in Being a Dental Assistant? Find Out if Good Teeth Are Nature or Nurture

You might have heard it before—someone blaming their frequent cavities on “bad genes” or complaining that their teeth aren’t as white as they’d like because white teeth don’t “run in the family.” Have you ever stopped to wonder how true those statements might be? If you’re considering a career as a dental assistant, you’ll probably be advising clients on how to care for their teeth at home or how to prevent cavities and potential problems

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dental assisting program
Dental Assisting

An Introduction to Senior Dental Care for Those in a Dental Assisting Program

Dental care matters at any age. However, for seniors there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind. Dental assistants often advise clients on how to take proper care of their teeth, and it’s important to know what additional advice is necessary for older clients to ensure that they’re maintaining good dental hygiene practices. Seniors may need to implement additional steps to their routine to work against years of natural wear and tear and

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intra oral dental assistant training
dental assistant training

A Quick Intro to Oral Anatomy for Those Interested in Dental Assistant Training

Oral anatomy refers to the structure, function, identity, and developmental processes which work to constitute human teeth. Oral anatomy is all about how to classify the teeth, the processes by which they form and change, and how they relate to the other teeth in the mouth.  Any work in the field requires knowledge of oral anatomy, and for a dental assistant, this is no different. The scope of a dental assistant’s work might involve the

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