Are You Good at Listening? Consider Becoming an Intra Oral Dental Assistant

Without dental assistants, no dental office would be able to operate efficiently. Dental assistants perform many important duties within a dental practice, from providing administrative support to caring for clients to assisting with different procedures. Dental assistants are often the first face a client sees when they enter the dental office, and it’s their job to greet clients, make them feel welcome, and ensure that they have the right information before moving forward with the dental appointment. 

These professionals also keep dental practices running smoothly and efficiently, working to organize data and paperwork, maintain inventory, and monitor appointment schedules. If you’re considering embarking on this rewarding and dynamic career path, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, there are a few ways to tell that you’ll make a great dental assistant. Below, discover five signs that this is the right profession for you! 

1. If You’re a Good Listener, Consider Becoming an Intra Oral Dental Assistant

One of the central roles of a dental assistant is to interact with and provide support to clients, whether that’s during a dental procedure, before an appointment, or when advising them on good dental hygiene practices. An intra oral dental assistant must also be able to listen to the dentists and dental hygienists whom they provide support to, as their ability to effectively follow orders and pay attention to the needs of the dental professional will affect the quality of client care that’s delivered. If you’re able to listen closely to others with an attitude of understanding, this could be the career for you.

If you’re a good listener, a career as a dental assistant could be right for you

2. You’re Highly Organized

In addition to assisting with client care, dental assistants also perform many different administrative duties. Dental assistants work to maintain and organize client files and information, keep records of inventory, ensure that supplies are well-stocked, and more. In order to complete these tasks in an efficient manner, dental assistants must be highly organized,  enabling them to manage time effectively and prevent the occurrence of miscommunications or errors. Organizational skills also come in handy when it comes to keeping examination stations clean and uncluttered – a key aspect of the role of a dental assistant.

3. You Have Strong Manual Dexterity

Dental assistants rely on their dexterity to perform many of their tasks. After completing your dental assistant training, you’ll be helping dental professionals to perform procedures on clients, passing them the tools and instruments they’ll use and providing other forms of assistance. Having good manual dexterity will improve your ability to facilitate a safe procedure and provide a high level of support to the dental professional you’re working alongside.

Dental assistants rely upon strong manual dexterity

4. You Have Strong Attention to Detail

As a professional working within the healthcare industry, being detail-oriented will enhance your success as a dental assistant. Dental assistants are responsible for obtaining confidential client information and maintaining records, ensuring that these important documents are accurate. As any inaccuracies could pose a threat to the health of a client, maintaining strong attention to detail is especially important. Dental assistants also perform duties revolving around the sterilization and storage of the dental instruments and tools used during dental procedures. If you’re a detail-oriented person, you’ll be able to avoid any mistakes which could jeopardize the cleanliness of the instruments used on clients.

5. You’re a Compassionate Person

Many people experience some form of anxiety about visiting the dentist. Whether they’re nervous about an upcoming procedure or whether a cavity will be discovered, as a dental assistant it’s important that you’re able to act with compassion to each and every client that enters your office. Your ability to employ a compassionate attitude will enable you to comfort clients, ensuring that they feel as comfortable and calm as possible throughout the duration of their appointment. 

If any of these signs are telling you that you might be a great dental assistant, it could be time to start researching options of local training programs. Don’t hesitate to launch your career in the dental industry!

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