3D Printing is Coming to Dentistry

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Every dental office requires a qualified dental assistant to ensure that daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. Dental assistants are a welcoming face in the dental office and the first point of contact for any client visiting the dentist. They perform administrative duties as well as take part in various procedures to assist the dentist. 

As one of the leaders in dental assistant healthcare colleges in the Greater Toronto Area, the Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene delivers career-ready skills to students with a current and high-quality education in the field of intra-oral healthcare. We keep a close eye on developments and trends that occur within the dental profession, and so should you. Read on to learn more about the dental industry trends to look out for in 2022.

3D Printing is Making its Way into Dentistry

The use of 3D printing technology has been growing in different industries, with the cost of purchasing these printers decreasing. Dental practices are no exception, as 3D printers become more readily available in both academic and private practices. When you become a certified dental assistant, you’ll likely assist the dentist in using 3D printing to improve the accuracy and efficiency of clinical procedures.

Dental offices are able to use 3D printers for various products and devices, including dentures, dental models, surgical guides, clear teeth aligners, and dental crown substructures. As the advantages of 3D printing become more apparent, we’ll likely see these printers cropping up in more dental practices across the country. 

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3D printing is becoming more popular for dental products

More Opportunities in Dental Franchises After Dental Assistant Training

2022 is expected to see a huge shift from private practices to a dental franchise model. With the high cost of running a dental practice, dental franchises often benefit from greater purchasing power and are able to offer various services that an independent dental practitioner often can’t afford. Similarly, a dental franchise can expand and grow to open new offices in different locations, which is often difficult for a private dental practice to accomplish. 

After your dental assisting training, you will have the opportunity to work in one of those franchises, as they continue to create more opportunities for dental assistant graduates. With bigger offices, more services, and multiple locations, the demand for dental assistant will rise as these franchise work to attract more clients. 

Laser Dentistry Will Lead the Way in Dental Care 

From 2021-2025, the dental laser market is expected to grow by 11%. Reasons for this are the procedural and health benefits that it brings when compared to traditional dental drilling. Dental lasering can be used on either soft or hard tissues and offers a better method of performing dental procedures on clients, from reshaping tissue and removing cavities to repairing fillings and speeding up teeth whitening. 

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You may assist dentists with providing laser treatment to clients after you graduate with a dental assistant diploma

Dental lasers have been proven to reduce pain, preserve most of the healthy tooth during cavity removal, speed up post-op healing, and reduce bleeding for clients. A diode laser, for instance, was found to have a 100% reduction in long-term bacteria, as the laser sterilizes the area being treated. 

With these dental industry trends to look forward to, students should take advantage of our 42-week diploma program that combines classroom, clinical and laboratory learning. You’ll have access to 22 fully equipped and digitized radiographic dental operatories designed for superior training in the field. Upon graduating, you’ll be ready to face the future of dentistry with the knowledge and experience to succeed. 

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