Benefits of Hands-On Experience in Dental Assistant School

dental assistant school

In this day and age, the most valuable training you can get in the health care and dental care sector is real life, hands-on work experience. While theoretical training is great for teaching you the necessary anatomy, theories and procedures, youa��ll need a solid foundation in real world, on-the-job training if you want to break into a great career upon graduation.A� Honing your skills with hands-on work experience will not only make you more confident in what youa��re doing, but will give you great skills and knowledge to put on your resume. So what are some of the most important benefits of real work training?


One of the best things that foraying into the world of real work training will do for you is give you a better sense of responsibility. Though theoretical knowledge is helpful and practical, being tasked with actual hands-on work that mimics what youa��ll be experiencing on the job is incredibly useful in that it will inundate with you a greater sense of responsibility. While textbooks, journals and lectures are great for familiarizing yourself with concepts and ideas and helping you become a dental hygienist or an intra-oral dental assistant, therea��s nothing more helpful than actually performing the tasks youa��re studying for, and gaining the real skills and experience that will expertly prepare you for your rewarding career when you graduate.


Being able to log some hours doing real work thata��s a reflection of what your responsibilities in your future career will be is not only interesting, ita��s great practice. Most of the time, new graduates can be overwhelmed or surprised when they begin their career, as they dona��t have much, or any, on-the-job training and have to figure things out for themselves from the start. With hands-on training like an internship or a job placement, youa��ll be able to prepare yourself in the best way possible: by actually doing the job youa��re getting trained to do! Having had practice with all of the responsibilities and tasks of the job youa��re seeking will make you much more confident in the work youa��re doing and youa��ll have no trouble getting started on a path to success right away!


Another perk to getting hands-on experience instead of just theoretical training is that youa��ll come away from the job with an excellent reference that will make your resume shine. People put a lot of stock in references these days, because anyone can talk themselves up when it comes to a resume, but the real talent can shine through in your references. If you excelled at your work training, your supervisora��s great reference will do wonders for you when it comes to finding a job after graduation.

Dental assistant school is great preparation for your new career, and students will learn more about meeting clinical dental hygiene requirements for today’s dental office environments in our Academic LevelA� 04 Consolidation. CADH is unique in providing this type of real work experience as part of its training. Students benefit from practicing their acquired skills in schools, nursing homes, shelters or health missions outreach in the community, valuable training that is sought by dentists when hiring new dental hygienists.

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