The Dental Hygienista��s Guide to Foods that Promote Dental Health

Dental assistants

We know that what we eat affects out oral health, and ita��s pretty easy to think of foods one should avoid in order to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Candy comes to mind, along with soda and sugary cereals.

But did you know that there are also foods that we can eat that contribute to a healthy smile? While a healthy diet promotes good overall oral health, there are a few foods that can actually boost it significantly. Leta��s take a look at a few foods people can eat to help build strong teeth and healthy gums.

Dental Hygienists Recommend Milk and Cheese to Boost Calcium

It turns out that after all the advice they gave us as kids, our moms were right! Drinking milk helps build strong bones and teeth. Calcium is vital throughout our lifetime from when our teeth are just being formed to later years, where it can prevent tooth decay.

When a diet is low in calcium, as is usually common in the case of North Americans, the body begins to leech the calcium mineral from our teeth and bones, which increases the likelihood of cavities and increases tooth decay.

Studies show that eating cheese a�� another great source of calciuma��may also neutralize the acid that causes plaque. Whata��s more, dental assistants know that chewing increases saliva production, which works to wash harmful bacteria out of the mouth.

Drink Tea to Reduce Plaque Buildup and Fight Bad Breath

Although drinking a lot of tea may stain your teeth in the long run, a dental university in Chicago showed that compounds in black and green teas can actually suppress and even destroy the growth of cavity-causing bacteria in dental plaque.

Another study revealed that the same compounds, called polyphenols, fight bad breath by suppressing the genes of bacteria that control the production of smelly compounds in the mouth.

Raisins Can Help Reduce the Risk of Cavities and Gum Disease

Raisins are naturally sweet and dona��t contain sucrose. If youa��re considering dental hygienist training, you may already know that sugar helps harmful bacteria stick to the tooth surface, letting it produce plaque.

Surprisingly, raisins are a source of a phytochemicals, which actually kill cavity-causing bacteria. They also contain a multitude of other compounds that affect the growth of bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Tap Water: The Dental Hygienista��s Sidekick

There are endless studies on the harmful effects of the heavy metals and chemicals found in our tap water. It does contain fluoride, though. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay which makes tap water better for your teeth than bottled water.

Neutralize Bacteria with Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Dental hygienist school teaches the promotion of healthy habits such as brushing twice daily as well as after meals, when possible. If youa��re not carrying your trusty Oral-B, snacking on crunchy fruits or vegetables can help in two ways.

First, the crisp texture acts sort-of as a windshield wiper for teeth that wipes plaque away. Chewing crunchy foods also promotes the production of bacteria-neutralizing saliva.

Do you know of any other healthy foods that dental hygienists might recommend to help patients build stronger teeth?

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