Take the Next Step in Your Career With a Restorative Dental Hygiene Diploma

Do you want to become a restorative dental hygienist

As registered dental hygienists know, a career in dental hygiene is unlike any other. Dental hygienists work closely with patients from all walks of life, educating them about oral care and working independently or under the supervision of a dentist. They help patients stay healthy and keep their smiles sparkling, and have the opportunity to truly make a difference in their communities.

But if youa��re already a dental hygienist and looking for even better pay, a greater challenge, and the opportunity to take your career even further, which options are open to you? Fortunately, one answer could be to become a restorative dental hygienist.

Herea��s a closer look at this path, and a few reasons why ita��s easier than you think to become a specialized professional.

Challenge Yourself to Reach New Heights as a Restorative Dental Hygienist

To become a restorative dental hygienist, you already need to be a registered dental hygienist. Thata��s because this training is anything but an introductory course. Building on the training students completed when earning their diploma in dental hygiene, the restorative dental hygiene diploma includes classes in everything from Class 5 restorations to porcelain veneers and more. Whether you want to learn about dental implants, how to cast gold restorations, or about amalgam restorations, completing this in-depth training can open up a world of new opportunities.

Training in restorative dental hygiene opens up many new doors for graduates, who are qualified to perform a number of important procedures including taking final impressions, performing composite and temporary restorations, and more. For those who want to advance their careers, unlock a promotion, and access even better pay, this specialization can be key.

A Focused Program Allows You to Become a Restorative Dental Hygienist Quickly

Of course, for busy professionals, finding the time for professional development can be one of the trickiest aspects of advancing their career. Many might want a greater challenge, but between current work and family responsibilities, finding the time to complete courses in restorative dental hygiene can be difficult.

Fortunately, colleges like The Canadian Academy of Dental Health and Community Sciences (CADH), know that these are common challenges for students. As a result, the restorative dental hygiene diploma program is designed to be short and focused, ensuring that students can complete the training they need in just 21 weeks. In less than a year, students can advance their dental hygiene career to new heights.

Financing Options Make Earning Your Restorative Dental Hygiene Diploma Easier Than Ever

For students looking to finance their training, many options are open. Students from outside of Ontario, for example, can check with their provincial student loan and bursary offerings. Students can also access the funds in their RRSP through the Canada Revenue Agency Lifelong Learning Plan.
These options are also far from the only ones available. By speaking with a caring financial aid officer, you can discover all the different financial aid options open to you. In fact, at CADH, we offer a monthly payment plan to students, which doesna��t apply interest to the outstanding balance or require a co-signor.

With the in-depth training of a restorative dental hygiene diploma, youa��ll quickly be able to access new opportunities, and take your career even further!

Do you want to become a restorative dental hygienist?

Our program starts March 5th, 2018, so be sure to sign up while space lasts!

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