Tooth-Friendly Holiday Treats in Dental Hygienist Training

Become a dental hygienistWhat do candy canes, eggnog, rum balls and chocolate all have in common? They are treats indulged in heavily by most people during the winter holidays. We all know theya��re not great for our health, as they tend to cause tummy aches and weight gain if consumed in large amounts – but did you know that they can also do serious damage to your pearly whites?

Though holiday sweets taste great, they tend to have sky-high sugar content, which promotes tooth decay and is one of the main causes of cavities. Continue reading to find out how you can still enjoy your favourite holiday treats without damaging your teeth.

Cheese (Hold the Cake)

The first thing to know about this healthy and delicious snack is that it doesna��t cause cavities. And if thata��s not enough to have you reaching for a piece of Swiss, you should also know that research has shown that cheese can actually prevent tooth decay!

Cheese works to protect the enamel of your teeth against damages which are usually caused by things like coffee, soda and sugar. Opt to munch on goodies from the cheese platter at your next holiday party (instead of the sweets table) and your teeth will thank you.

Apple Crisp

By simply making a few adjustments to your traditional holiday apple crisp recipe, youa��ll be able to achieve the same great taste without sacrificing the health of your teeth. Nuts are generally high in calcium a�� and anyone pursuing dental hygienist training can confirm that calcium is essential for strong teeth. So, a topping thata��s high in almonds or walnuts, paired with a natural mild sweetener like maple syrup can actually help prevent tooth decay a�� which is a nice change from other sweets that actually cause it!

Rice Pudding

If your holiday dessert consists of apple pie (or apple crisp) youa��ll likely be serving or eating it with a scoop of ice cream a�� and who can blame you, as the two go hand-in-hand. However, even though it does contain calcium, ice-cream is mostly full of sugar. A healthy alternative to the frozen treat – that will still compliment your homemade apple crisp quite nicely – is rice pudding. Rice pudding is a great source of calcium, and by simply replacing the sugar in the desserta��s recipe with a little cinnamon, youa��ll get the same great taste plus the protective oral health benefits of calcium.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Dried fruit is delicious, and though it is fruit a�� which basically translates to a�?good for youa�? – you should definitely be mindful of just how much of it youa��re eating this holiday season. Because dried fruits like cranberries, dates and raisins take long to chew (due to their stickiness), the acid from the fruit remains close to your teeth for an extended period of time. Graduates of dental hygienist school would advise you to avoid eating dried fruit altogether because its acid is harmful to your teeth. But if you just cana��t resist that fruit cake, remember to become a dental hygienist for the day and clean your teeth just like a pro would afterwards!

Do you know of any other healthy alternatives to favorite Holiday treats? Tell us about them in the comments!

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