What Could the Future of Dentistry Look Like for Intra-Oral Dental Assistants Post COVID-19?

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As businesses begin to slowly reopen across Canada, aspiring dental assistants are wondering what their future workplace will look like in a post-pandemic world. On the one hand, dental assistants help to provide the care necessary for maintaining healthy oral hygiene—but on the other hand, dental assistants do come in close contact with patients. So what does all this mean for the future of dental care?

Read on to learn what dental offices could look like in the near future!

Grads May See a Surge in Appointments

When dental offices open across Canada, professionals with a dental assistant career could see their work calendars become fully booked. Clients who were supposed to have their routine check-ups during the lockdown period might be looking to book an appointment ASAP, along with anyone else who had an appointment scheduled during quarantine.

It is also likely that dental offices will see an increase in bookings from those who are eager to feel clean, fresh, and healthy after quarantine. Market specialists predict that people will be more financially conscious after COVID-19—with the possible exception of services that help improve people’s health, appearance, and general well-being.

After spending a considerable amount of time indoors with limited social contact, people could be more willing to invest in services that will help them get back to their normal selves. This has been especially apparent with salons and barbershops, and could extend to dental services as well.

You May See Virtual Appointments in Your Dental Assistant Career

During the pandemic, when dentists could only perform emergency procedures, dentists used videoconferencing apps to converse with patients, assess their issue, and recommend solutions. The use of technology to help clients from afar could continue into the post-COVID-19 world.

Through teledentistry, dental teams can safely and easily perform consultations with patients. This technology can be especially useful when the dental team knows the patient and has an in-depth understanding of their dental history.

The telemedicine market has grown significantly during the pandemic, and you may see more virtual appointments and consultations long after COVID-19. Those interested in dental assistant training should keep an eye out for these exciting advancements

dental assistant training
Virtual dental appointments can be especially helpful for those vulnerable to COVID-19

Prepare for Extra Health and Safety Precautions After Dental Assistant Training

Although social distancing is a highly effective way to protect against COVID-19 transmission, it is not possible for dental teams performing teeth cleanings or fluoride treatments. However, those interested in dental assisting careers should be optimistic about the health and safety regulations that dental offices have, and may modify in a post-COVID-19 world.

For starters, dental assistants need to wear full personal protective equipment when working directly with clients. In addition, every instrument they use needs to be tracked and properly sterilized. Chemical indicators can also ensure that everything they use was cleaned properly in order to prevent any chance of cross-patient contamination.

Although these steps may be time-consuming, they’re ultimately essential for your safety. In a post-COVID world, safety precautions may continue to improve and expand.

dental assistant career
COVID-19 can easily spread through saliva, so it is imperative that dental assistants wear full PPE

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